Camp American Legion is a place for Wisconsin Veterans, Military and their families to come together in a safe and comfortable environment. Our guests find it easy to connect with each other because they often have shared life experiences. 

When you first arrive at Camp you will notice the abundance of opportunities to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate.

There really is something about the Northwoods experience that helps us to find value in the little things in life.  It can help families to reconnect, bring a new appreciation for each other for couples and helps us to heal on our journey to find our own quality of life.

Each donation is a very special and unique way for the community to serve those who have served this great nation.

The volunteers that keep Camp American Legion operational are far too numerous to list, but their work is invaluable to the success of our Camp.

Helping to Heal - those who have served and those who continue to serve and their families, through Wisconsin's north woods experience.

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(715) 277-2510

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8529 County Road D, Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin 54539