Eligibility Requirements

The facilities are open to the following:

All listed below must be Wisconsin residents  

  • Honorably discharged veterans and their spouse or caregiver and immediate dependent age children 

  • Actively serving military members and their families (dependent age children only)  

  • Survivor immediate family members of family-of-a-fallen 

The Camp is open to all who meet the eligibility requirements regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap. 

Official Notice, March, 1, 2021. The decision has been made that Camp American Legion will be re-opening on May, 31,2021. 


With that said, we have taken steps to enhance our operational safety. One of our efforts was completely overhaul our food service operations. This past winter we completed a renovation of our kitchen, improving our ability to provide top quality food service! In addition and in response to the COVID 19 concerns, we built new food serving station complete with 8' high glass walls to better manage the safe serving of the meals. Lastly, we have been and will continue to work on operational changes that will increase safety for all our guests and staff.

Let's all welcome in 2021 knowing brighter days are coming. God Bless America!


We have updated our 2021 Camp Application. Please note, NO previous versions of the Camp application will be accepted as there is important information on the new application posted below.

Applications must be sent to: 

Camp American Legion 

8529 County Road D

Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539 

Need Assistance in filling out your application? Contact a local American Legion Post or a County Veterans Service Officer

Download Application Here

Fillable Application From