The Greater Meaning of a Gift

We have all heard the saying "It's the thought that counts". This could not be more true today. This past December we received an amazing gift from Our friends at the Wausau American Legion Post and the American Legion Riders. Back in the Winter of 2018 we were invited to speak at the Wausau Post meeting. In that meeting we shared how the 2017 season had gone, stories form veterans that stayed with us and ideas for the future of Camp. At the end of our presentation we were asked if there was anything we needed. After going through our list of basic expendables and supplies we mentioned that our Camp Truck was at the end of it's serviceability. In fact, it was very near the end. It was then that the idea to purchase a new Camp Truck was born.

This past fall we received a call from our friends in Wausau. They explained that they had $35,000 to put towards a new 2019 Dodge truck with a new plow. If we could get the last $10,000 to purchase the vehicle we were in business... Legion Riders to the rescue, again! During the 2019 Fall Ride The Wisconsin American Legion Riders raised and donated over $26,000 to Camp American Legion. The money donated was designated to be used for capital improvements. $10,000 form the 2019 Fall Ride donation was used to complete the purchase and on December 19, 2019 we took delivery of the New Camp truck.

The donation of the Camp Truck has solved problems in countless areas of our daily operations, such as snow plowing, moving boats, hauling materials all while improving efficiency and safety. However, this donation means more that that. Back to the "It's the thought that counts". I have been here for nearly three years as the Camp Director. In that time I have seen some amazing things that come from people with compassion, caring for others, and the over all concern for the well-being of Wisconsin Veterans and their families.Time and time again, our American Legion Family has stepped up to answer the call, to support the our mission and to show by actions, not just words, that they truly believe we serve the greatest segment of our population... The Veteran and their families!

Thank you to everyone at the Wausau Post 10, to all of our Wisconsin American Legion Riders and the entire

American Legion Family.

The Wisconsin American Legion is 100 years strong. What we do today and how we do it may change, but it has never been more important than WHY we do it!

Becoming a member of the Wisconsin American Legion is easy. Come join us in Veterans serving Veterans!

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